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Claire has more than a decade of experience in therapy and counselling, since she graduated in Psychology.

London based, she has an international clientele, working face to face or online, and assists individuals, couples, and families.


Moreover, she has provided presentations and workshops regarding mental health and wellness for an array of audiences, ranging from Universities and Associations to local Doctors and Professional Carers. 


Her methodology is rooted in a diversity of experience and training, as well as her own intuitive nature. 

Claire strives to create a safe space for clients to feel deeply supported, and she uses a variety of evidence-based techniques in accordance with their specific needs.

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Sandy Beach


Some may feel alive because of it, others get paralysed from it. Heres's how to to stop the harmful spiral.

Playful Child

Child Tantrums and Defiance

For parents or caretakers who find it hard to handle a child and want to find a positive and firm strategy.

White Feather


Solutions do exist in order to win against the most widespread mental issue of the planet. 

Rainbow Light Art

Self Esteem Boost

The most precious present you could possibly make to Yourself!

In Love

Couple's Guidance

Sometimes a relationship needs a completely refreshing start, not necessarily a fresh start with a new person...

Golden Star


Whole spectrum of intervention.

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