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Whether you’ve lost a parent, child, spouse, friend, or beloved pet, all grief has one thing in common: it hurts. And it often feels unbearable. You may feel that your emotions have “frozen” in order to function in daily living. You may feel that the support you once received from those around you, while helpful at the time, started to wane once some time had passed. You may even feel that a recent loss triggers past losses and you feel overwhelmed as a result. Whatever your experience with grief and loss is, therapy can help.

One of the most common questions asked by bereaved clients is, “Am I doing this right?” In my experience, grief is not a linear process and there is no specific timeline – it’s different for everyone. For some, grief is a shorter process, like several months, and for others, grief can take years. Each relationship and each person is different.


My goal is to help you find compassion for yourself and not to compare yourself to others going through this process. Like a snowflake, grief is unique to the individual.

While it is a hard taskmaster, grief is also one of the greatest teachers in this life. From the wounds of grief, spring wisdom and enlightenment and what is lost comes back in higher ways.

"Nothing is more natural than grief– it’s an innate response to loss in a world where everything is impermanent".

Steven Levine

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