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Abuse & Trauma

When we experience trauma, sometimes we begin to feel like our pain is who we are. When it comes to abuse, all types can cause pain and psychological distress. Often intense emotions occur long after abuse has ended. The effects can be so severe, that they interfere with an individual’s ability to live a normal life. Anxiety, flashbacks, and difficulty forming trust can get in the way of forming new relationships and happiness. It can be difficult to see past the pain and sometimes it can even be difficult to see the possibility of healing.

However, these effects do not have to be permanent. No matter how unthinkable what you have suffered is, I will help you discover that your pain is not who you are and does not define you. Recovering is all about overcoming certain challenges and addressing symptoms. I can help you leave an unhealthy relationship or recover from your bad experience and restore your well-being. By building trust together over time and moving at a pace that is comfortable for you, a safe place will be created to begin to process your trauma so that it no longer rules your life.

My focus in treatment is to help you uncover the patterns that keep you stuck and to promote change, self-awareness, and personal growth. The goal is to create a non-judgmental and secure environment that fosters self-worth and empowerment. 

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